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  Types of Stained Glass

Choosing glass is very crucial to the end result. You can have the most beautiful pattern in the world, but if you don't choose your glass carefully, your piece may not live up to its potential. When going to the local stained glass supply store, you'll hear and see many different terms associated with glass. Here's a list of descriptions to help you understand what's what.

Cathedral glass Is simply a glass that is just one color. It is transparent and is the type most often used in, you guessed it, cathedrals. Cathedral glass is machine or hand rolled to a single thickness.

Opalescent glass
Is machine or hand rolled to a single thickness like cathedral glass. However, opalescent glass starts with a white base and has colors added into it.

Streaky Is a type of glass where many colors are blended into a clear base. This provides for bright, vivid colors.

Wispy Is a combination of both clear and opalescent glass. It can be made with various colors.

Ripple Is glass that undergoes a process that produces a texture of highs and lows.

Seedy Is glass that is made with tiny air bubbles in the glass.

Glue Chip Glass that is sandblasted on one side then treated with animal glue to create a frosted appearance.

Iridized Glass that has a thin metallic coating on top of it that changes color under different lights.

Baroque Glass that has a swirly texture. Sometimes is compared to the lines that make up a fingerprint. It also consists of a texture that is raised in swirls.

Water glas
s Has a broader texture than other glasses to give it the effect of moving water.

Each piece of glass that you will find is unique. Examine it carefully and imagine it in your pattern. What you can do is take your pattern to your local store and place different pieces on your pattern to see how it will look in the whole. Enjoy!

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