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  Restoration Detail Services
Historic House Inspections: Assess condition or age; evaluate a structure prior to purchase; develop a work plan.

Fine Carpentry: Recreate and repair period woodwork, including paneling, molding, and other decorative and functional features. Techniques utilize traditional hand tools and current technology.

Structural Repair: Repair and replace sills, timber framing, stone foundations, sagging roofs, and listing walls.

Exterior Restoration: Replace and maintain exterior components from entries to cornices, including roofs, siding and windows.

Interior Restoration: Restore and modify historic rooms, stairs, plaster, brickwork, and hardware so as to retain their period appearance while serving a modern function.

Building Relocation Services: Dismantle and reconstruct buildings or move them intact.

Consultation: Determine age or style of a building or feature; answer questions about common old house problems. There is no charge for phone consultations.

Research and Documentation:
Create scaled floor plans for future restoration work, or show changes over time.

Document through drawings and photographs rooms, buildings, or features of historic or personal interest.

Research the history of a structure to learn when it was built, who the occupants were, and how the style or use of the building changed.

Antique Hardware and Architectural Components: A large variety of old house parts are offered for sale or use in our restoration projects. Items range from Hardware, to windows and doors, and flooring.

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